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New Genie in Town and She Talks!

Have you heard about the new comic book Silva the Genie, well now, an actual talking doll of the Genie was just released and it is a hit11lovedoll.


Dancing To The Beat of A Different Drum

As I mentioned in my last blog, when I was young, I often felt somewhere on the inside that I did not fit in with my other friends my age. I often heard ”Why can’t you be more like your brother or your cousins?” Or “Why do you always have to do things differently?”  Adults have no idea how much harm they can do with words, especially when making such strong statements. It’s sometimes felt like they were saying “We don’t like you the way you are” or “We like your brother or cousins more.” And that was often very hurtful. I didn’t know why I did things differently. I just did. Sometimes I even thought “Well, maybe there is something wrong with them and not me.” In the end, that ended up not being true either, but it was still very confusing.

I looked very similar to them, but I couldn’t seem to comprehend my feelings at the time. Later in life as an adult, I found myself not being much different when I was a kid. Still an outsider, loner at times, different where in my interests and was more interested in what was happening in the world than the usual gossip of who was dating who.

So what was wrong with me? What was different?   Then I realized. Nothing!

Granted, from the outside we all seem to look very similar, but on the inside each one of is one of a kind. Each and every one of us is born with a unique DNA equipped fully with different gifts, talents and abilities so we can create and live our own special life. Each one of us contributes to society in our own unique way. And there’s nothing wrong with being different. In fact, more often than not, you’ll find that what set you apart from others is often the best qualities about you. It is what makes you special.

Often being different physically, emotionally, mentally or spiritually can be hard, not just for us to accept but for others to allow us to flourish in our uniqueness. Just look around, you will find people who are in the creative field, high achievers, special Olympics and business individuals who at times were ridiculed because they danced to the beat of a different drum, but deep down inside that they had a purpose to fulfill. They were given a special gift that they needed to nurture, educate, and expand it so it can create its magic in the physical world.

So think about the magic that you have inside of you… have you found it yet? Start exploring it, expressing it, give it air to breath and at the same time, look around and see the magic within your friends and all the people around you. Accept them for who they are. You know, there is a genie inside every single one of us just waiting to come out to help us create our own brand of magic called life.