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The Sky’s the Limit at the Challenger-Boys & Girls Club

It’s inspiring to see the Aha moment within a kid after they hear an idea or a concept that they can relate to, one that gives them hope towards reaching their possibilities in life.

Starting June 15, 2016 through Gang of Hope and it’s team of mentors will begin to provide “The sky’s the Limit” after school program to over 200 teens at Challenger Boys & Girls Club in Los Angeles.

The launch will begin with the fun and entertaining show “Releasing the Genie Within”DangerAd3created by author and lifestyle developer Silva Mirzoian. Silva is the founder of Passions & Dreams Funding, the non profit organization that has inspired women and children at risk towards their financial independence for the past 15 years. “Kids especially, need to learn through interactive and fun type of teaching methods, so I combined music, singing and motivational words together in a show that retain their attention long enough to get the message across.. No one likes to be lectured, especially kids.”  says Silva Mirzoian.

Through this training, the kids are given assignments where they need to deliver by the end of the 8th week. During this time as they work on their projects, they will learn about team work, decision making, taking responsibility and how to seek solutions, learn effective communication habits and techniques and much more.

Now the fun starts. Are you interested in being a mentor for an hour? Let me know by sending me an email at

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