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New Genie in Town and She Talks!

Have you heard about the new comic book Silva the Genie, well now, an actual talking doll of the Genie was just released and it is a hit11lovedoll.

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Jump-Start Student’s Life®

It has been a while since I last wrote, but I’ve been busy with, finishing my documentary “Broken Promises” , completing my “Jump-Start Your Student’s Life®” book together with the “Jump-Start Your Teacher’s Life®” books, and producing 2 new gang of hope videos for this site, and soon will announce our “Teen Talent” contest. As you seen most of my work has been student related. When I first began my life development journey, I thought that it was just personal, my own life, little did I realize it would soon turn into a full time business. It’s true that, “what you focus on multiplies” and I learned that the hard way. Being an ADD personality, I tend to have 2 or 3 ..4 things going at the same time, but when I look back at my life and examine the times that I was most successful, it was when I was focusing on just one things.
Lately when I hear so much bad news in the media about teenagers killing one another, bullying, abusing, hurting children and animals, I just can’t stand by and shake my head in disgust and not do something about it. Kids are looking for guidance, I know I use to be  once, some may still think that I still am, but in my heart I can relate to these kids and we need to make an extra effort in our education system to connect and ignite passion back into their lives. I know that teachers are overwhelmed with all that they have been assigned to do, but it doesn’t take much to turn your teaching course into a fun and engaging learning experience.  In my 2 new books, I share tools and steps for teachers and students that can turn life around in the classroom and at home.  Today, kids are far more savvy about technology than most teachers, their attention  span is like 59 seconds, so it’s important to connect the classroom lesson to their future goals.
watch this clip and let me know what you think?