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    Ballet Their Way to Success!

    I am just leaving for Las Vegas where I will be filming 2 amazing role models from totally different careers, more on that later..I just had the pleasure of interviewing not one, but two  mentors-the world famous ballerina/master ballet instructor Nadezhda(Nadya) Koscuik and her dancer/choreographer husband Golden Koscuik at their Westwood, California studio.  I learned of their […]

    When You Least Expect It!

    Yesterday I had the pleasure of attending the LA Art show at the Los Angeles Convention Centre.  Also an awards ceremony was held, honoring the brilliant works of artists such as: Billy Al Bengston, Larry Bell, Howard Bingham, Ed Moses, Betty Saar, Julius Shulmanmet and Barbara Lazaroff co-founder of the Wolfgang Puck empire. Among these artists was Mr. John Amos a […]

    A New Era In America, the World!

    A day in history where you will always remember where you were, when it happened. The inauguration of Barack Hussein Obama, the 44th President of the United States of America. America stands for possibilities! You don’t have to look far to see the truth in that. Only a day after the celebration of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s life, […]

    Happy New Year from Down Under!

    Starting 2009 with a bang in every sense of the word, it has been a tradition to start most New Years with my family in Sydney Australia…part of an old Armenian tradition is that we exchange presents after midnight…I have travelled most part of the world and have seen incredible fireworks but Sydney, especially for […]