Being Shy Did Not Keep Her…

After attending the Dropout Prevention Summit at The Tiger Woods Learning Center back in February, I couldn’t resist going back and having the Vice President & Executive Director, Dr. Katherine E. Bihr, ED.D. join our gang. We just concluded the filming, we actually did the original filming last month, but for some reason the tape was bad, so we had to re-do it again. Kathy spoke about her difficulties as a kid in school because she was shy. She explained how she would make excuses to avoid going to school and how she overcame all those obstacles, learned to be comfortable in her own skin and take risks. Kathy shared some insight on ways to be successful and she came to be the Vice President of The Tiger Woods Learning Center. She also talks about the importance of exploring different methods of education. Kathy’s intriguing video will be uploaded soon. Be sure to look out for it.
Have a safe Memorial Day weekend and remember the men and women in uniforms who sacrifice their life everyday.
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