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    Make your mark and stand up for yourself!

    From Silva the Genie:

    Recently I’ve met so many kids out there who’ve dealt with bullying. It’s so sad to see that still happening in the 21st Century. Being a kid is hard enough, without having to worry about a bully. I remember when I was a kid, I was always a little different. Always outside of the crowd and that meant I had my own share of bullying to deal with. Dancing to the beat of my own drum and thinking outside of the box was just my way of doing things, even though others around me often thought I was just being difficult or doing things the hard way. Sometimes it was hard to be myself. Even more so because I didn’t always get along with my peers. Other kids saw me as weird, while adults often praised me for being smart and ahead of the times. Either way, it was very easy for me to feel like an outsider. 

    I can ever remember one time,when a girl pushed me into a fight after school because the boy she liked was more interested in me than her! The other students around us egged us on, excited. “Fight, fight, fight.” They all yelled as they followed us home that day just to watch the fight. 

    Nohurtw, I won’t lie. I was scared! But certainly wasn’t going to let her know about it!

    You know how when you’re scared, and your face feels hot, but your hands feel cold and maybe a little sweaty?bully That’s how I felt as everyone closed in yelling “Fight, fight, fight.” I wondered if anyone would try to stop it, but no one stepped up to protect me, or break us up. Not even when she came from behind and pushed me on the ground. Everyone laughed, and seemed to feel better about it. The fight was over, wasn’t it?  It seemed that way for a moment. Then, I became angry! I picked up my school bag and swung it around hard! It hit her and she fell, just like I had a moment ago. Now everyone began to laugh even harder. After that, when there was nothing else to see, everyone went home.

     Looking back, I realize now that maybe I did the wrong thing when I hit her back. Don’t get me wrong! You should always stand up for your self, no matter what!

    But violence should never, ever be the answer to a problem and sometimes the best way to stand up for yourself is to walk away, before you say or do something you might regret later. 

    I think we both learned a lesson that day. She never attacked me again and I learned what it meant to stand up for myself, for the first time.  It’s been a long time since I was a kid, being bullied. Now, 

    I see so many smart kids who are way ahead of their peers, hold themselves back. Some don’t want to move up to other classes and leave their friends behind, while others fear being laughed for being different, or being labeled a “nerd” a “freak”or a “weirdo.” 

    As the genie, I say that is wrong! Just imagine what you could be doing if you didn’t hold yourself back! Your gifts and talents are special to you and you alone. If you hold yourself back because of what other people think, who’s losing out then? What’s the motto?? Don’t give up, walk away, make your mark and stand up for yourself!

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