Doing what you love to do!

There is nothing better than doing what you love to do! Period. Teaching the kids how to do that is magic!
Spent the last 2 days speaking at Teen Success event in Los Angeles and it was exhilarating. Sharing with teens, parents and teachers the power of the T.E.A.R Formula to success instantly gave me the affirmation that doing what you love to do, and make a difference in other people’s lives is the best way to live. Within minutes I heard such uplifting responses, and I was encouraged to meet so many amazing students who truly have good head on their shoulders, just looking for guidance towards fulfilling their dreams.
I met Stephanie, 9 years old going on 20. Talented singer who stared very young and has a clear vision of where she is going in life. 9 years old. And if that wasn’t enough to excite you, her brother Michael who is 15 told his mom at the ripe age of 4, he wanted to play the piano! And he played it masterfully. There was Max, who constantly raised his hand to answers the questions that I through out from the podium, and had smart answers. He wasn’t short on other talents also. Soon you will be hearing from these amazing kids.
These kids are lucky to have amazing parents who listened and watched their children’s inner talents and encouraged them to follow their dreams. Bravo. I am sure that, many parents out there would love to be the position to do that, but they either lack the finances or more importantly, the art of knowing their children. Here is a tip.
The most effective and valuable energy that you can put into raising your children is, listen to their hearts, believe in them and encourage them to seek out the ways to fulfill their dreams. In time, you or they will find the way to make it come true. is one way that I hope to empower many kids and parents in this journey, and we have many other experts and mentors who share the same dream.